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Fishing Information

The Beaverkill River and Willowemoc offers plenty of fishing opportunities. Trout season opens on April 1st and closes on October 15th. Each Year, New York State Offers Free Fishing Days on the Last Full Weekend in June. During those two days, anyone can fish in New York State without a fishing license. For more information on Fishing in New York State, visit

The Roscoe Motel sits on the bank of the Beaverkill River . The lower section of the Beaverkill begins at the Junction pool where the Beaverkill River and the Willowmoc River join. River is known as "Big River" because the size of the River doubles. The water is made up of riffles and pools that cater to the dry-fly fisherman.

The Willowemoc River is renowned as a world class trout fishery. It is ideal for brook trout and abundant with wild native fish. It also supports a wild population of book and brown trout and stocked several times a year. The lower Willowemoc offers excellent pools and riffles, numerous and deep enough to hold large trout. The Willowemoc runs into the Beaverkill River at Junction pool which is located next to the Roscoe Motel.